First Thing to Do in Epic is SPIES!

So my Nightdefendr got to the epic level! Now the first thing I do when I get to the Epic level (above 20) is running the quest, “Spies in the House.” This is one of the difficult quests but to me, there are so many more difficult quests that are not labeled as difficult. Or maybe since I really practiced like spending a few hours on this one and others, I just back away when I feel the quest is too much so if I practice like I did for this quest, it would be my favorite.

So I went to House D and talked to the guy just outside the entrance. Well, she is good! The only thing that makes me feel she is a tad handicapped is because I didn’t invest on her jump skills at all so even with the jump buff spell, it was a tad difficult to make a high jump but except for that, maybe it was easier to do this quest with her. I have been running quests with monsters from deep woods. I really can’t kill them with my instakill magic so it was a tad harder but against humans, or humanoids for that matter, it was so easy. One click and one goes down. Then I can kill annoying fire elementals with ice magic and my toon is protected by spells. It was so good!

I just can’t believe this is the first life toon. I now cannot control my urge to repeat this class three times, do a little clerics and FvSs for the past life buffs and do this again. Well….


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